Using Recovery Partition to Install Windows 7

Has anyone successfully installed Windows to a SSD drive using the recovery partition or disk?

I have successfully installed a new Corsair 128 GB SSD and the Paragon Migrate to SSD software I bought is a joke. Someone suggested using the Windows Easy Transfer Tool for this purpose but I am seeking other options before I proceed with this.

It occurred to me that I might be able to run the restore function and select the new drive... and load the original OEM files and Windows 7.

Am I correct in this assumption?
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  1. I think the restore will default to the defauly hard drive, but it wouldn't hurt to try. A better option would be to clone the old drive to the new SSD, if the old drive isn't using more space then the SSD

    If the old drive is to big, reformat it, then do a clone.
  2. The existing 1TB Caviar drive has Windows and a lot of apps and files... far too much for the SSD to handle... plus the4 restore partition. What if I point BIOS to the SSD as the primary drive before rebooting and running the restore... the SSD would then be seen as the primary HDD... I think!
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