Which cpu cooler (HSF/CLW/WC) is the real best for overclocking 3770K?

Hi all.

I was going to buy the NOCTUA NH-D14 after many, many searches.
I find the Corsair H80 really interesting too.

but before buying it, I was wondering if it is really the best cpu cooler to buy out. My ambiant temperature is ~24C and I'm looking for the most cool solution for my budget. I know that there a lot of questions like this out there, but this question is customized to my rig. And if the noctua answer comes again, is it dangerous to not fit in my setup?
Heres the picture of my motherboard.

I want to overclock the 3770K to 4.5GHz

I would pay 80-120$ dollars for a cooling solution

My case is a Antec Nine Hundred two (no space for the double fan-rad of H100)

I'm up to closed-loop water solution, too.

My motherboard is an Asus P8Z77-V LK with 4x4GB sticks of G.skills Sniper @ 2133mhz (4cm high sticks from mobo to top of sticks, just for info which I think is not that tall) But this is what scares me the most.
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  1. All closed loop liquid coolers perform worse or the same as good air cooling but at a higher price. Closed loop liquid coolers are also just ss loud or louder.

    noctua out other air tower cooler hands down. If you want to liquid cool bust out serious cash and do it right
  2. But this doesn't really answer my question, what is really the best solution?
    That noctua ? Will this fit in my system ?
    The H80 is a solution I've been thinking a lot but seems it does a lot of noises and I woul have to change my whole tower side of fans etcc
  3. Noctua NH-D14 or phanteks is entirely suitable for a 4.5OC when used in your case.

    The Noctua web site shows that it is compatible with your motherboard.
    In faq, it states that 44mm clearance with near socket ram. In addition the ram side fan can be moved up and down.
    I think you are good. ... Very good.

    But, if you have not already bought your ram, I might suggest a 2 x 8gb kit instead. two sticks is easier for the motherboard to manage.
    And, there is little real performance advantage to ram faster than 1600.
    Read this: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4503/sandy-bridge-memory-scaling-choosing-the-best-ddr3

    And, lastly, 1.5v ram needs no heat spreaders. Look at the g.skil ares versions.
  4. Thank you for your reply, geo. Well, all of this is already bought sinces months and running. Just for infos, My 3770k is actually running at 40-43C idle, and goes to 95-97C after 30mins of prime95 test without OC and with the intel stock fan. About the noctua thing, Should I buy it now? Or they'll be problem with my ram or anyway the fan can be moves up?
  5. I don't think you will need to move the fan up.
    But, if you do, it is no problem.
    Go to the noctua web site and look at the FAQ answers on the NH-D14 where they describe that as one option.

    With normal ambient temperatures, I think you will drop idle and peak by 10c.
    And... be much quieter in the process.
  6. If your serious de-lid your CPU and apply Collabortory Liquid Ultra and grab a XSPC AX 360 kit if you want to hit 5.0Ghz lol damn Ivy's need lots of volts. 4.5Ghz is easily handled by the Noctua.
  7. OH really... So at max load I'll be still so high, about 85C? Which isnt not a little bit high and reducing lifespan ???
  8. itsdarknice said:
    OH really... So at max load I'll be still so high, about 85C? Which isnt not a little bit high and reducing lifespan ???

    Ivy bridge starts to get hot when you start to increase voltages.
    At 4.3 or so, no voltage increase is needed
    As you get past 4.5, it increases rapidly.
    So, if you are conservative, ivy bridge runs cool.
    If you push the limits, it gets very hot.
    For what it is worth, TJMAX is around 100c.
    Under normal heavy loads, it will be nowhere near that.

    If there is any limitation to lifespan, it comes from high voltage, not so much from heat.
  9. I have to say. If you overclocked.on the stock HSF... Well. You shouldn't.have.

    If you are not overclocked you have a major problem. Those temps are not good. And really you should probably back off the voltage. An extra 100MHz is nothing
  10. So I ordered today a Noctua NH-D14. About the temps I'm talking of a system who runs 24/24 and right now I've just checked up 30min after gaming, it's 38-41C @ idle. I never overclocked it yet don't worry lol. And for Prime95 I don't think people with stock HSF usually tests it.
  11. With the gskill sniper ram you should not have a clearance problem. i am currently using the noctua NH-D14 cpu cooler in my system.

    i7 3770k
    asus maximus V extreme mobo
    GSKILL TridentX 16gb @ 2400mhz 1.65v
    asus gtx680 DCUII Top Edition

    with using the noctua cooler with the trident x ram, i have -0 clearance, am currently using the right 2 DIMMS and the ram sits about 4mm higher than the bottom of the heatsink, so i had to move the fan up a little bit so i could have necessary clearnce for the ram

    temperature wise, my ambient temp is roughly 20 degrees celcius, and my idle temp is 31 degrees, while under typical gaming load, i see temperatures up around the 40-45 degrees mark
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