Hard Drive dead?

I have a AMD FX-6100 processor with 12 gigs of ram, 1 Kilowatt power supply, ATI hd 5770 sapphire vapor-x OC, with a asrock 970 EXTREME3 mobo with windows 7 ultimate and a Das Professional. For some odd reason, randomly my computer will start to be incredibly sluggish and my keyboard and mouse will essentially become unresponsive. I can move my mouse around but I cannot click on anything. If I spam crtl+alt+del it won't boot up task. I scanned my computer with malwarebytes and it found nothing. I used ccleaner to fix the registry and it still occurs. Just now, I tried to restart my computer which has worked in the past, and now it won't boot past bios, I get the message "A disk read error as occurred, press ctrl+alt+del to restart" and my keyboard is unresponsive, I spammed numlock and the light doesn't change, it stays on. Is my hard drive dead?
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  1. Could be, but first I would check your memory with memtest 86, latest version from here: http://www.memtest.org/
  2. I can't get pass the "A disk reading error has occured, press crtl+alt+del to restart".
  3. If you boot to the CD that you make from the image, you don't need to care about disk reading errors, memtest is not installed in Windows it runs in its own boot environment that doesn't access the HDD.
  4. And if it passes the memory test, it could just be that your MBR is corrupted, you can boot from something like hiren's boot disk and use some of its tools to look at the drive.
  5. The same issue is happening with my Crucial 64gig ssd. So it isn't my hard drives, cause I doubt both my hard drives had that issue. As soon as I get home I am gonna run the memtest 86
  6. Did you test the memory with memtest86 from memtest86.org?
  7. not yet, I am on campus, I am gonna do it when I get home.
  8. use differant Sata Ports and cables on your MB. both your HDD and SDD giving the same disk read error sounds like the MB or somthing else is wrong and not actually the HDD, SDD.

    run memtest to eliminate RAM.

    test the HDD and SDD in another machine to make sure they are working fine.

    you could possibly try update the MB Bios, wont do any harm.

    iv had a bios go bad and i got strange BSOD's which i was sure was RAM, spent a week testing each stick for 12 hours in each slot etc.

    do all of this and post your results. im certain theirs a explanation and/or solution to this problem but it will take some work and testing done by you.
  9. have you got any overclocks on the CPU, RAM or GPU?
    i see your GPU is OC'd but was that factory OC'd or did you do that yourself?
  10. Sorry for the much, delay with the response, the hard drive is confirmed dead, had a friend in computer repairs look at it. I just want to thank all of you for your time and effort to assist me.

    Thank you.
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