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I got an Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 3650 it'S a hybrid graphic but i disabled the Intel one in bios so i'm running only over the 9600m GT. The Gpu and CPU use the same fan same Heatsink but different Pipes to get to it the problem i found is that the Fan only starts to spin Faster when the Cpu temp is high it dosn't care about hte Gpu i played Prototype which is kinda demmanding on the Gpu only and i get 106°c I allready upgraded the ThermalPad used ThermalPaste to but still it's over 100°c whenever i play a demanding game.I know that i should use a Desktop to play games but i don'T play often and i have to be mobile. Will there be any problems in the future if i leave it like that or is it fine. And is there any way to control the Fan i tryed speedfan but it dosn't see it.
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  1. let me tell you that it's nothing short of a miracle that your pc is still working, have you ever checked if there's too much dust build up inside the fan???

    hope this helped.
  2. hmmm opening the laptop may have voided your warranty

    speedfan and a couple of other tools can change the fan speed for your laptop

    bios updated may also alter those settings

    some tools may read those temps off

    test your video and cpu with prime and atitool
  3. you sure its not a faulty sensor? you can boil water on that and it would burn your table. and melt plastic. your computer would also be way to hot to even comfortably touch.
  4. p.s are you sure your not seeing "100 degrees F" not "100 C" because if its your looking at ferinheight that would make sence because its 37.7c. and if its that cool then your doing really well, my graffics card idols at 42C or 107.6F
  5. Well thank you very much but i thing i know the chemistry of water and i know the difference of C° and F° it's 106c° and 222f° and i already used speedfan but it dosn't see the fan.
    I used Hardware Monitor GpuZ and Speedfan to see the Temp and all says 106c°.
    And i don'T know why Ati tools dosn't work.
    And it'S dicembled so no there is no dust around there.
    I tested the cpu with prime before i posted this blog otherwise i wouldn know that the fan only speeds up when the cpu is hot.
    The bios is the newest version but the funny thing is the Update says Fixxed Fan noise seems to me more like Reducing Fan speed to make it quiet that could be my big Problem. That fujitsu thinks a Fried Gpu is better than a noise fan.
  6. return it to get a replacement, maybe?
    Your temps are dangerous...
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