Unable to bring up pages

when I go to the photos of cats at a shelter,
and click onto the photo so that I can see the
information about the cat, a red circle with a
slant line / comes on and there is a flash
of the page but it does not show up.

the same thing happens when I go to
History and click onto 'show all history'
there is a flash, the red circle with the /
line and nothing emerges.

I have add-ins, updated, but something
evidently is either missing or not updated.

does anyone have an answer to this? :ouch:
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  1. What browser are you using, and what is the website?
  2. I have always used Mozilla Firefox and it never did this before..
    nor does it let me bring up SHOW ALL HISTORY
    which is up in the Menu bar, I think it is... it is
    where File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help are

    The site that is not allowing me to bring up the info on the cats
    is www.salemfriendsoffelines.org

    I go onto the site, bring up 'adoptable cats'
    go to a picture of a cat, click onto it,

    and all I get is a flash on the monitor
    with a red circle and a / mark inside of it.

    It does not, anymore, allow me to get the
    website's information on a cat.

    Another thing is on TOOLS.. I cannot bring up
    Error Console under Web Developer, anymore.

    I thought maybe it is due to Windows Installer
    not being current, so today I updated it to 4. 000
    something, and in SERVICES that is now working,

    but it did not solve the problem. I also updated
    Shockwave, Silverlight, Java, in the Add-ons

    to no avail. I am out of ideas. Maybe Java script?
    I have no clue as to what that is.

    Also, System Restore did not go back far enough to
    find a date when it was working okay.
  3. First, what version of Firefox are you running?

    Do you have an adblocker installed?
  4. I have Pop up Stopper installed and have had this for years.

    Firefox.. latest version..firefox 16
  5. I have tried to reply to my own thread and this blog is very
    difficult to navigate.. have replied 3 times and it got lost somewhere..

    What has done the trick is installing the update to Windows Installer
    and all is working great now, including the Error Console and
    Show All History.. thanks to SERVICES in Admin. Tools, which
    indicated WI was faulty.

    Hope my experience helps someone, as long as you can figure out
    this web site Tom's Hardware Forums.. it is rather unstable.
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