I need a 90mm water cooler for graphics card

I want to get a water cooler for my asus 6850. But i want one with a radiator that will fit a 90mm or 92mm case fan slot which ever one cases take. I already have a corsair h60 at the front of the case and it has taken up the 120mm fan slot, so i only have room for a 90mm fan and radiator at the back of the case, and one on the side of case panel. No case modding or upgrades will be done. Anyway graphics cards usually have smaller fans than processors do, so i wouldn't understand why they wouldn't want to make a 90mm radiator and case fan water cooler. I find watercooling great, not mainly because of the performance in cooling, but because you can put the radiator and fan right on the side of the case so it brings cool air directly from the outside of the case. I prefer not to use a 120mm to 90 mm fan adapter.

unfortunately as my corsair h60 is at the front of the case it is blowing hot air from the cpu directly towards my graphics card and so it is heating up more than is acceptable. This is why upgrading to another air cooling fan sink isn't really an option because the cooler is only as good as the air coming towards it.
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  1. You expressly rule out any of the options so It looks like building a loop with an 80mm rad yourself is the only way,
    they are out there :)
    But I don't know of any 90/92mm rads sorry
  2. Performance PCs has some:

    Magicool 92mm
    HW Labs Black Ice GTX 92mm

    There are some out there, but not very common to find.
  3. I have no idea how to build a watercooling setup myself, but 80mm will do. However do you think it will perform as well as the ASUS Direct CU GPU cooler already installed. I do like the Direct CU cooler and would not really upgrade, but it is because i want to direct the heat sink and fan away from the graphics card because it is too close to the corsair h60. If you could suggest the components i need, list them, if you have time that is because i really do understand it is a hard job finding suitable components. I would be very grateful, but if it's too hard it's not worth the effort.
  4. ahh and one thing to add is that my budget is £65 and under, not that it strictly is limited to that but i don't see the point in spending any more, you'll have to convert that to $. So if the equipment price goes above that, i won't be interested in buying.
  5. Custom loop would easily get you 40-45C load temps, as would modifying a closed loop cooler to fit.

    Price likely will be above that, regardless if you build a custom loop or use a closed loop cooler for the purpose, but that still requires you modify one to fit and buy and use RAM sinks.

    I do like the Direct CU cooler and would not really upgrade, but it is because i want to direct the heat sink and fan away from the graphics card because it is too close to the corsair h60.

    Can you move the H60 radiator to a different location that won't interfere?
  6. Are fanned heat-sinks always better than fan-less heat-sink cooling solutions? I don't think i'll be putting a water-cooler on the graphics card, i won't have enough space. Is there a way i can get cooler graphics temperatures by using another graphics cooler that uses just 2 PCI slots, including the one the graphics card is placed in? In games i'm getting up to 84 degrees Celsius, and on graphics stress testing programs i'm stopping it because it goes over 90. I think before i installed the H60 the graphics card would go up to 74 degrees maximum on games. No the H60 can only go in the front of my case.
  7. I do have the options if i buy a 90 mm to 120 mm fan adapter to install the corsair h60 on the side of the case panel, so it can either blow air from East to West or from West to East, (east to west inside to outside of case). If i installed the H60 on the side of the case should i see some decline in graphics temperature? The side panel fan holes are close to the power supply and rear case fan, so it would be blowing down at the processor which has a pump on it. The side panel is made out of steel, it doesn't have any plastic.
  8. Nash I think you just need to manually control the GPU fan.

    If you can please find us a link to A. Your case and B. your gpu.
  9. lol the gpu fan gets noisy at 3100 rpm + It gets to that when it goes near 80. Maybe if I install the Corsair H60 on the side panel of the case i will see a difference? Do you think it will get a little too heavy?
  10. http://i335.photobucket.com/albums/m463/Nashsafc/Computer2.jpg

    Am i allowed to send html codes in tomshardware?
  11. Yes you can put links in your posts, no problem :)
    **Edit, if you put before and after that link it should show as the image, or just select the bottom option for pasting and it directly inserts the image so we can see it without clicking (We're lazy, ahem, I mean efficient lol)
    You can only really upgrade a DCII card to water, or go hybrid if you are up to some modding, the DCII cooler is very good, albeit massive :P
    The only issue I see with mounting the H60 on the sidepanel is where are the tubes going to flex once you shut the panel?
    you would have to make sure they didn't push into the gfx card, other than that yes, you can mount it on the sidepanel if you wish
    once this is sorted I'll shout at you for cable management, but I'll leave it for now, thats one teeny case hehe
  12. What are a few cables hanging out into the case going to upset? If they aren't blocking air passage then they should have no effect. I used cable ties though, to do the best i could do in that space. They aren't really blocking air passage are they? My case panel also has a vent next to the graphics card and a vent next to the CPU position. It's a cooler master elite 342. Even though the picture just shows you the cables scattered, they're actually put from side to side to allow air to get through in the middle.
  13. No really this thing is quite heavy, i'd find a full size atx case just over the top. This is supposed to replace my xbox 360 years ago, so you can see i want something more practical.
  14. **What are a few cables hanging out into the case going to upset?**
    Me, I have Ocd about cables hehe, (you can't see any in my rig)
    don't take it bad, its just me being humourous,
    And I wouldn't think that its that heavy tbh, but if moving it about is an issue you can always mod some handles onto the top for carrying purposes
  15. It doesn't matter anymore i'm not considering watercooling, are temperatures of 84c maximum safe for the 6850? I intend to stay with the card for as long as it lasts. It's lifetime should be ok? For most games it's 76c. What is the maximum temps for 6850 btw?
  16. Most graphics cards will happily endure 100'c temps,
    84'c is nothing to worry about
    I couldn't give you numbers on the 6850 without googling the make and model, but I wouldn't be worried with 76'C at all
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