Hd 103si/u board

I have a 1 Tera byte Samsung hard drive model : HD103SI
Also it says HDD P/N : HD 103SI/I

Other part number in bar code is P/N A3623-B741-ABN1D

This HD came out of a iomega external enclosure, it was not being recognized with USB so i took it out and plugged it to a different sata USB adapter and power from a computer case. As soon I plugged in the power a diode I touched close to the power connector burned my finger and came out of the board.
This does not spins at all which means board is bad.

I see kind of the same hard drives like the HD 103SI/Y available online, can I use the board of one of these on my bad one to get the data out?

I know firmware on HDrives are complicated. Can somebody give me light on this dilema.


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  1. Your drive will work without the TVS diode, provided that it has been successful in restricting the damage.

    Does your board look like the following? If so, then be aware that alongside the 5V TVS diode is a fuse.


    If the zero-ohm resistor is open circuit, then flow a blob of solder over it:
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