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Hi everyone i have a problem with my pc i bought a video card.before i had an onboard one an now i have a problem.It lags in games that i should have at least 30 40 frames it freezes in somme and when i start the pc the cpu is 100 and i wait like a minute and the screen flickers it turns partialy black and then it works normaly..whel like i said whit lag in games.i evan changed the power suplly i got a 600 wats real power raidmax wayy beyond the needs of the pc but nothing.i have asus m2n-mx se plus/ATI HD 4670 512 gddr3 gigabyte/AMD sempron le 1100 1.9ghz/1gb RAM 400mhz/.if you need any more info ask.i hope i find a solution here cuz im looking for along time.please help...sorry for my english or if i posted in a wrong place.
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  1. Did you uninstall all of the drivers form the integrated motherboard graphics before you installed your 4670 drivers? What games and at what screen resolution do you play at?
  2. Hi Alin, check the games your trying to run for minimum specs for a pc, then check yours , whick are :AMD sempron le 1100 1.9ghz/1gb RAM 400mhz. I'd tend to think that your Ram or your CPU could be your problem.Again, it depends on the games your trying to run, if your trying to run todays latest games on that system, most likely it's not ever gonna work, you'll need to upgrade alot to play today's games.Let us know what games your trying to play please, good luck bud...
  3. yes i unistaled all and it dosent matter what resolution i play it its the same for example alarm for cobra burning wheels i know it says core 2 duo cpu but i play it al on high 2x antianalaising and i get 40+ fps and at low the same and its the same problem it freezes for a minute or so and doom 3 i have all on ultra 1280x1024 (like all games i play) and it works with freezes when a monster atacks it freezes a few seconds and most of the games test driver 7 the same manny frames 27 30 and freezes in all setings and i tend to think its the graphics the way i instaled xp sp1 64 bit once cuz usualy i have 32bit like now and in 64 in burning wheels the freeze stoped but it lags less then 20 fps in all setings and other games the same.if you have any ideea the way do you think its my cpu i should upgrade?is it pulling my graphics card bazk?reply
  4. when i say in 64 burning wheels lags but not freezes and other games the same i mean other games the same like before only burning wheels stop freezes and lags the other like in 32 bit.
  5. The mother board doesn't have Hybrid graphics and you forgot to disable it ?.... or you set the bios up to set the pci-e card ( or auto ) instead of the on board ?
  6. what do you mean..? give me somme guidance cuz im not that good whit the bios.thank you
  7. Did you google ATI/AMD drivers and go to the site and download and install the video drivers ?
  8. for every one who will read this thread please help me with sompthing else please clik or copy this link and give a vote if this is not right tell me so il take it out.Thank you.
  9. yes the latest ones 9.12 or 10... sommething like that it was from the official site or evan with older ones.and still nothing
  10. nothing??????????? no one knows what could be y problem??????
  11. cmoan people what should i do change the cpu take it and burn it what the hell no one knows cuz its not a big problem there must be a answer.???????????????????
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