Overclocking - please read

I have a simple question.
What is overclocking ?
Please describe it to me in a simple way.

Thank you.
Joseph Knapp
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  1. Overclocking is running a device (CPU/RAM/Video card core clock) faster than its stock settings.

    Example: My 1045t runs at 2.7Ghz "stock". I overclocked it to run at 3.4Ghz.
  2. Making something run faster then it's supposed to. :)
  3. Think of clockrate as engine rpm's. When you overclock, you set the clockrate faster, which is like more rpm's. To reach a higher clockrate, you sometimes have to increase the voltages, which is like adding more fuel. Your processor has to have adequate cooling so it doesn't overheat, just like a engine radiator.
  4. Thank you four your replies.
    Now i understand it more a little bit.
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