HD 5850 + E5200

Okay, so i was wondering. I'll be upgrading pretty soon.

Here are my current computer specs :

Motherboard: MSI P6NGM
VGA : 220 GT 1gb DDR3
CPU : Dual core 3.33ghz overclocked with stock fan (E5200)
Ram : 2GB (DDR2)
OS : Windows 7

Running at 1920x1080 resolution, Samsung 2333SW

I'm going to buy a new 600watt psu and a new 5850 VGA as well, I was wondering can my computer handle it? What about the DDR5 crap, People told me i need other parts for DDR5 and stuff. Any tips will be useful apart from the kinds of tips like, You can get a 4750 better and crap like that, I want THIS vga. Lol, Thanks, MegaSwap. =)
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  1. The 5850 will be slowed down by your e5200 but you know that already ! - just don't expect top performance from it as your CPU will be limiting the performance but if you plan to upgrade he CPU later it will be fine - If you do not plan to upgrade the CPU l;ater then you are wasting some $ by getting that GPU for this system as a 5770 would still be slightly slowed by that CPU.

    As far as the DDR5 - the video card memory can run at its own speed and is not affected by the MOBO so a DDR5 RAM video card will run fine on a MOBO using DDR2 or DDR3 the rating only matters on the MOBO as a DDR2 MOBO can not use DDR3 modules and vice-versa but the video card is seperate from that and controls it's own memory system so you'll be fine as far as that is concerned !!
  2. So a 5770 would do good?

    Mostly pay attention to the 1920x1200 charts.

    I would disagree with JDFan, an overclocked E5200 (3.3 Ghz) would be a good matchup with an HD 5850, though admittedly the 2.8 Ghz Q9550 dose beat the 3.0 Ghz E8400 in half of the games listed in the article with a 10-20% boost.

    A 5770 would be good but you wont be able to use as high gaming textures and AA compared to a 5850.

    The absolute best balanced card would have been the 4890 or 5830(when it finally comes out).
  4. At 3.33GHz there won't be much of a bottleneck, don't worry, if you got the money & resolution, go & get a 5850.
  5. Well, it's not just the CPU speed, but the Cache as well that will limit you a bit. Still, at that speed you won't be too limited with a res of 1920x1080. Just don't expect the same kind of FPS that come out in the reviews as they often use an overclocked i7. It will be a bit slower.
  6. They compared the Athlon II to the Phenom II, the loss of cache had little effect, from the limitless Core 2 benchmarks the E5200 has plenty of cache.
  7. Big difference between those chips sabot. The PhenomII/AthlonII both have an IMC, so cache will effect them differently. The C2D line still uses the FSB to get ram requests, so it NEEDS large amounts of cache to hold as much as it can. Thats the reason Intel went the route it did when it came out with the ix series. C2D have 2-4MBs of L2 cache, while the i7 has 256kB.
  8. Benchmarks? The E5200 at 3.33GHz is powerful, at most the cache would make it equal to say a E8400 at 3GHz.
    A QX9650 & QX9770's FSB's are actually faster than the original Phenom's.
  9. Overclock your E5200 and get a 5770. At 3.6 or higher, your CPU should perform better than an E8400 @ stock 3.0GHz...that will allow you to get a 5850. However,
    many games out there run better with more than 2 cores, and you're also cache limited on your CPU.

    Thus, if you OC your E5200 a good amount, you can get away with a 5850 without significant bottlenecks...but your rig will be unbalanced. I'd say just got for a 5770 and OC your E5200.
  10. Quote:
    A QX9650 & QX9770's FSB's are actually faster than the original Phenom's.

    ??? The original Phenom doesn't use a FSB. I was trying to say that because memory requests go through the FSB, you get much better memory bandwidth with the IMC. This means you can get away with less cache on the chip. Meaning its ok for an AMD chip to have 2MBs of L2 cache, but not so much for an Intel chip. They use the FSB to get their memory, so they need more L2 cache to store it.
  11. What if i were to get a new quad cpu, and the 5770. Could get a really good fan for the cpu as well, And overclock it as well.
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    That depends. Whats your budget? Can you handle installing and OCing everything yourself? If not, can you afford to pay someone or get someone to help you? Can your mobo handle any quads? I would get the 5770/5850 and be happy if the answers to these questions are no. If you can handle this, then upgrading to a fast quad would be a good idea.
  13. A 5850 will run on a quality 500W PSU. Choose your new PSU with full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification. Antec, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, and Enermax are among the better brands.
    Since you're OC will limited by the stock fan on your e5200, rather than buy a better cooler, your money would be better put toward a faster CPU, possibly in your next build.
  14. I would also look at getting a new cpu. The E5200 will undoubtedly be the bottleneck.
  15. The QX9770's FSB is faster than the Phenom's IMC.
    I don't think the E5200 at 3.33GHz will be much of a bottleneck, it will bottleneck at resolutions lower than 1920x1200.
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