Help me out plz

Hello, :)
I m new to the forum and looking forward to see your expert replies.

I have the following system configuration
Mobo= Xfx 630i
Processor= E7400 Core2Duo 3MB 1066Bus
Ram= Corsair XMS2 2GB 800Bus
Graphic card= Evga 9600GT 512 Mb OC @700 Mhz
Psu= Coolermaster 600 Watts.

i use windows 7.

I play games like crysis warhead, GTA 4, NFS shift etc. they lag a bit (esp GTA 4) on my pc.
I am planning to go for an upgrade. i am confused between graphic card or processor/mobo/ram upgrade. I have the following options in my mind

intel core i 3 540.
intel DH55C. OR EVGA GTS 250 1GB.
Kingston 2GB DDR3 1333 bus.

Should i upgrade my graphic card only to play these games fair or should go for the cpu upgrade please help me out. I have read that GTA4 needs cpu power
more than the GPU..

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  1. there is no real point in getting the i3 unless you plan on only using the integrated graphics, otherwise you should get a lower level amd quad core, like a 925, or an athlon 620/630. all of those games are very demanding, and it seems like you are working on a small budget, but in any event, what is your budget? also, you should atleast get 4 gigs of ram, there is a large difference between 4 gigs and 2 gigs performance wise. i wouldnt get the gts 250, i would try to get a ati 5750, or 5770, or at worse 4850. even those graphics cards will have trouble playing crysis, also depending on your resolution (which is...?) with this information, then i could easily put together a build for you, also depending on if you can buy from newegg (live in america) which would be helpful to know...
  2. What is your budget? And what is the resolution of your monitor?
    It is true that GTA4 is very limited by CPU performance, here's some evidence of that:,2469-11.html
    If you are on a limited budget I would upgrade the CPU (especially if GTA 4 is high priority) and GPU only (to keep up with crysis as well), possibly get you up to 4GB of RAM if you have an OS that can recognize it.
    Do you know what model of Coolermaster PSU have, for instance: eXtreme, Silent Pro, Gladiator...
  3. @ ares i play at 1600x900 res and yes i have a small budget around 25000rs(240$)

    @ silvune i have silent pro series. I am using windows 7 32 bit i will switch to 64 bit when add more ram.
  4. you need more ram and a new gpu for sure.. but this will only be a fix for the time being.. if i were you id be saving some money for a new rig all together.. and go AMD next time.. you get much more performance for your money..
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