Advice on OC'ing the GeForce GT 630 Retail

I just put my first rig together, and I put a Geforce GT 630 in it for the time being. I know this isn't a high end graphics card and I shouldn't expect wonderful things from it, so please don't give me advice like "Go get yourself a better graphics card," or any other similar BS that I've seen in here before. I have looked for answers to this plenty, and have decided to post my own discussion. The Nvidia web site lists the maximum temp for the card as 98C. I am currently running all the clocks at stock values, and the temp levels off around 83C-85C. From what I've read, this is approaching too hot for it's own good already. Will someone please let me know how hot I can run this card without damaging it, and is it supposed to run this hot at stock speeds? I read a similar thread ( which told someone to up the core to 850 while it's half the shader value, and to put the memory clock up to 925. I was keeping a close eye on the temps when I hit the Kombustor button, and I almost had to change my underwear :o when the graph shot up to 95C almost instantly. Of course I shut it off to avoid damaging the card, but I knew that a'hole had to be dead wrong.... I want the most performance out of this crappy card as possible, so will someone give me a few suggestions on temps and how far I should push this card...oh yeah, my rig specs are below.....many thanks....

Phenom II x4 965 BE 3.4GHZ (stock speeds b/c I have stock cooler; yes, i know it can go faster with H2O...)
Sabertooth 990FX
8GB G.Skill Sniper LV 1600
500W Raidmax PSU
Windows 7 Pro x64
and my crappy GeForce GT 630 Retail
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  1. if you're already hitting 80+C... then you have very little headroom... you can download msi afterburner and play with that... but i don't suggest it (and you wont be able to adjust the voltage anyways, very limited oc)
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