LGA 1156, dual nvidia cards motherboard

This is what I'm planning on getting:

2 gpus
hard drive
cd/dvd drive

I also plan to add my 2 1.5tb hard drives

What motherboard would go best with this setup? I plan to overclock a little. USB 3 and SATA 6Gb/s are likable, but not necessary.
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  1. You can go for this:


    One of the best options for me.
  2. ^+1 to the hell_storm2004 suggestion.

    The 850W is only necessary for a GTX480 SLI the GTX480 SLI can be handle with a 650W I'd save a little money with this Corsair 750WTX
  3. What about this? Is it better, about the same or worse?

    If I were to want a motherboard with no USB 3 or SATA 6Gb/s, would these 2 choices be equally as good for my setup?

  4. The MSI GD85 looks good but for the same price u can go with this ASUS P7P55D-E Pro that is a better mobo.

    Between the MSI and ASUS without USB 3 and SATA III I'd go with the ASUS by far.
  5. I hope to buy the whole system around black friday taking advantage of all the savings I can.
    Here is the final product:

    I will buy whichever is cheaper on the day I buy it, unless I see another big sale for the antec 900 two
    antec 900 two case $130
    antec 600 case $85

    I will buy one for now, and when I need a 2nd one, I will buy another
    gtx 470 gpu $295

    i-5 760 cpu $170

    I will buy whichever is cheaper on the day I buy the final products

    motherboard 1 $180
    motherboard 2 $140

    4gb of 1600 gskill eco series ram $96

    I will buy which is cheaper on the day I buy the final products
    corsair 850w psu silver certified $140
    XFX 850w psu silver certified $150

    I currently have 2 1.5tb harddrives and will get a
    samsung spinpoint f3 1tb hard drive $75

    cd/dvd drive $22

    Total cost is approximately $1025

    will this system play in high video settings with 1920*1080?
  6. Good lord it better.
  7. @OP: The $180 mobo you linked is the same one i thinked in my first post. The RAM links aren't working for me. Just would like to say get GSkill 1600MHz CL6/CL7 RAM's. Save the $10 on the PSU and get the Corsair. Its quite a PSU. Rest is fine.
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