How much pressure can you put on your CPU?

I recently bought the Arctic Freezer 7 heatsink to replace the i7 stock one. The stock one mounts on there with some clicks and secures itself. The Arctic Freezer you have to screw it on to secure it. How much pressure can I apply? Im afraid if I screw it too tight it will damage my CPU and motherboard. Any thoughts?
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  1. screwing too tight ca damage a mbd, ive never herd of damaging a cpu, just give it enough untl the cpu has a firm contact to the cpu
  2. It doesnt have to be super tight just make it snug and doesnt move. Its really hard to damage the CPU since that medal heat spreader protects it. Now back in the Pentium III days they didnt use heat spreader and it wasn't uncommon to push too hard and damage it but thats not the case anymore.
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    If there are springs on the screws just tighten the screws until they stop. The springs will even out the pressure.
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