Older Optical drive???

Can I use a an older Optical drive (plextor px-716a) on a New 1156 motherboard (asus p55d-deluxe) and load windows 7 on a clean insatll(new Build)??
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  1. You should be able to. The Plextor is PATA and there is a PATA port on the M/B.
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    Yes, as long as you have a IDE connector on MB (Most Do). I'm currently using a Plextor 716 pata drive with a I3-540 build I completed a couple of weeks ago. MB was a Gigabyte H55M and it worked with no problems. I plan on swapping it out for a SATA drive (ONLY because of cabling) as I have a Plextor 755 sata drive in a E6400 machine.
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