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I have a very specific task I'd like to accomplish.

Run 4 clients of Eve Online simultaneously , DURING A "Fleet Fight" (1000+ players on the field at the same time).
From those ive spoken with, this is VERY RAM intensive, as well as CPU intensive. (Not particularly GPU) Does this make sense? I trust you guys over those ive spoken with, so trust your instinct if this sounds fishy...

I am trying to build a gaming rig, and someone suggested that "Hyper-threading" was useless in gaming. (Would an I3 with 3, cores with "hyperthreading" to 6 cores, perform better then a Phenom 955? (They cost dang near the same)

The price i am aiming for is appropriately 1,200 USD.

Is Triple Channel DDR3 worth it (And all the Mobo's having 6 ram slots)? If so that leaves me with the only choice being the I7-920
If not, we are left with the i7-860 vs the AMD Phen 955. (Do ANY of these mobo's offer 6 ram slots?)
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  1. Okay, ill be more specific with my two questions:

    1) Does Hyperthreading actually do anything? If so, what % do you actually get compared to actually having extra cores? (In reference to gaming situations)

    2) Does Tripple Channel DDR3 have 50% Greater speed then duel Channel ddr3?
    In essence, will 3 gb of ddr3 Triple channel perform like 4gb of duel channel ddr3?
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