Awesome gaming computer lagging on Facebook games?

What my computer can do.
I have a rather nice computer that can run all but 1 of my games on max graphics at 16-- by whatever resolution. Crisis I can run on Mostly Highs, and a couple of ultra highs.

Whats the problem?
When I load Facebook games like Farmville or Cafe World It loads slow (can be internet) then lags when I get to a map with lots of items on it.

Whats the bottle neck? and how do I fix it?

My setup:
Motherboard: EVGA nForce 790i ULTA SLI
Graphics Card: BFG Geforce 9800GX2 (X2 in SLI)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 3.0 GHz
RAM: OCZ NVIDIA SLI Ready Edition (2X4G 8G total)
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1T 7200RPM

Thats all I can think of that would matter. (I mean I doubt the CD drive would slow down internet games) Ask if you think I missed something.
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  1. This is in no way shape or form a hardware issue, this is entirely software. What browser do you use? Try upgrading to the latest version of flash, and update your browser, facebook uses quite a bit of javascript so if you arent using one of the latest browsers with the faster JS engine that could be part of the issue.
  2. Definitely need to know what browser you're using... Each browser has a different amount of overhead and slightly different environment for flash/java to reside in.

    What is your CPU load/RAM usage while playing those games?
  3. Could be anything from a long list but very very doubtfull that its hardware related unless your router is giving you problems. I would say its either your browser, in which case i definatly recomend the newest Firefox browser as i can now get on with it and couldnt before and its faster than any i have tried before.
    Or quite possably your provider throttling your bandwidth to a point where its so slow Facebook is having issues. They all do it at peak times of day and if you are sharing the connection with others in teh house it can get stupidly slow, certainly enough to give this type of issue. Add in other apps running at the same time and that could very well be it.

    Just my thoughts on the matter

  4. I have the all the updates for FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. I also just got the new Flash yesterday and it still lags.

    Chrome is my primary browser, but I have tried in all 3.
  5. Probably your internet connection. Also, such online games run slower at certain times of the day when more people are likely to play them.
  6. After it downloads to your computer does it matter about internet connection?

    And downloads go from 800M/s to 1030M/s.
  7. Zynga games lag no matter what hardware you got.
  8. I have a very high powered alienware aurora. and a Zeno card. I use all the browsers I can get my hands on but it seems Chrome is the best. I have either net and share it with my gf via wifi. She has a Dell 17' inspiron. she is using the wifi I am using the either net. and she blows me out of the water on zynga games speed and capability. This really angers me because I paid over $6000 for my comp and just over $2000 for her laptop. With cash! Debit card. The most sickening part is the 4 year 24 hour a day service and insurance plan I paid an ungodly amount for decided they only deal with hardware issues now! NEVER BUY DELL WITH CASH. If the computer is junk they say it is a hardware issue if you own it. If you owe them $5000 they will fix all issues If they stand the chance to lose the money of a defaulted loan then it isn't all of a sudden software issues.
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