What's next for Quad Core iMac?

What future Intel chip will give Apple's Quad Core iMac the boost it needs for its next upgrade step?
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  1. Whaaa????

    What exactly is your question?
  2. well, a vague question gives a vague answer, the quad core imac can upgrade to the hexacore imac because the i7 980x has been released
  3. ^ LMAO.
  4. Yup, that really is a silly question. It already has a quad-core i5 available. I guess they could go with an i7, but how are we supposed to know? Nobody but a few Apple employees could possibly answer this question with anything more than pure speculation which doesn't do any good at all. I guess you'll have to wait and see what Apple decides to put in the iMac when they do a re-fresh. That won't be for a while, though because they just recently refreshed the iMac line.
  5. I doubt they'd upgrade the CPU. After all, they already offer the i7-860 as well, which is easily the most powerful CPU any mainstream user will ever need. If anything, they need to upgrade the pathetic graphics card, which won't happen any time soon if they continue the current trend. The iMacs can do without a refresh for a while...
  6. Guys, Guys, Guys! Snap out of it!! Come to your senses!!

    The answer is very simple:

    "Thank You For Purchasing Your Genuine Apple® Product. When The Great Jobs© Wishes To Impart Upon You The Grand Opportunity To Put Down Your Starbucks® Latte Long Enough To reach Into Your Fatass Docker© Pants And Hand Over Your Credit Cards; Then You Will Be Informed It Is Time To Do So. Keep In Mind We Have Used Our Finest Designers To Create For You A Product Which Surely Amazes and Delights. Therefore You Will Keep Your Ignorant Sheep Hooves Out Of Its Carefully Crafted {In China By 8 Year Olds} Internal Componentry.
    lest you figure out just how badly we f*cked you out of your money... Thank$$, Dumba$$!!!

    ...pretty much that.
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