3GB ram dual channel

hey guys
so i have a 3Gb of ram as in 2 sticks
the fist stick is a 2GB pc2-6400(400mhz)
the second one is 1GB pc2-5300(333mhz)
cpuz shows the memory is running in dual channel so does the bios but some apps or games like half life say i only have 2 Gb of system memory
some other programs say the same thing only 2GB
while dxdiag shows i have 3GB and the task manager shows i have 3GB the bios shows i have 3GB im confused are the 3GB running in dual channel is the pc using them all or its only using the 2GB of ram
my mobo os intelD946gzis(i know its old)
my cpu is core2duo E4400
ps: i want to game too so is leaving the 3GB will be better or i leave the 2GB and remove the 1Gb will give better performance
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  1. Hi toxict51 and welcome to Tom's hardware forum.

    3GB in the configuration that u already have can't run in dual channel. For a dual channel configuration u need install two RAM sticks of the same amount ie 1GB, 2GB or 4GB.

    In u current configuration the RAM is running at the lowest speed (333MHz) in single channel configuration.
  2. mmm so my bios and cpu-z are wrong plus cpu-z says im running in symmetric ram array which is weird
    yea they are running at 333mhz but is my current config better than the single 2GB@400mhz or i keep the 3GB
  3. The 3GB are better even in single channel since the 1GB more is better for multi task and games.
  4. ok then thx a lot and i will keep my 3GB config
  5. Ur welcome and come back to the forum ;)
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