Windows 7 graphics card for old computer

I've got an old machine that I'm putting Windows 7 on, but the current graphics card won't cut it. My only options for graphics card bus are PCI and AGP. The computer is going to be used as a PVR/DVD player. Any suggestions?

Dell Dimension 8300 Desktop
P4 3.00GHZ
350W PSU
ATI TV Wonder HD 650 Dual Tuner PCI
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  1. a 4670 would work fine or a 9600
  2. Is there something cheaper that would work? I didn't think I needed to go that high.
  3. even a 3670 would work or a 8800

    you can go as ow as a 3xxx from ATI and a something near a 7xxx from Nvidia
  4. The Windows 7 compatibility site lists the Radeon HD 2600 AGP as compatible. Would it be good enough?
  5. Nats, do a little research.First of all , all the cards listed above are PCI-E cards.Your not looking for a PCI-E card from what you've said. If it were me , I'd look at the windows 7 chart and research the cards that are best suited for what you want to use it for.AGP OR PCI,just research it, I'm sure you'll find something great for what you want to do.
  6. Scratch that, the reviews all say that card sucks on Windows 7.
  7. Actually, lots of those cards come in AGP or PCI. I found the Radeon HD 2600 with AGP (VisionTek makes one).

    I've been looking through the compatibility charts and I'm just having a lot of trouble sorting through it all. That's why I asked the question.
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  9. natsibley,

    I'm running an HD2600Pro (albeit PCI-Ex16) in my HTPC and it's working perfectly for my current needs (output to 720p HDTV and 1280x768 projector).

    -Wolf sends
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