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This is a question about having more fans than motherboard fan connectors and not knowing the best way to go about connecting them all.

This is my first build. I got a Lian-Li PC-K62 case, which has four fans: 1x 120mm 12V .27A rear fan, 2x 140mm 12V .14A top fans, and 1x 140mm 12V .14V front fan. All four fans have the 3 pin fan power cables.

For the motherboard, I got an Asus M4A87TD. It has one 3 pin power fan connector and one small 4 pin chassis fan connector.

The motherboard manual only tells me the maximum power output of the cpu fan connector, so I am hesitant to get 3 pin splitters and plug all of the fans through the motherboard (If this would work out fine with the big fans I have, please correct me and make my life easier).

The manual also says that out of the power and chassis fan connectors, only the chassis fan connector supports the ASUS Fan Xpert feature, so I should try to plug a fan in there. But the leads to the 3 pin connector are labeled in the manual as (ground/+12V/Rotation) and the leads to the 4 pin connector are (ground/chassis fan power/chassis fan in/+5V). So I don't really understand what the +5V is about when there is already a chassis fan power lead, or if I can even get a converter to be able to plug one of my 3 pin fans into this connector.

My last option is plugging in all but one fan into the 4 pin Peripheral cables coming straight out of my Corsair TX650W via adapters (since one fan I know will at least go into the power fan connector in the motherboard). The case even came with one such 3 pin fan power cable to 4 pin Peripheral adapter. But I don't know the voltage or power of the Peripheral cables (the psu manual does not say).

Sorry if any of the above is just common knowledge I don't have because this is my first time dealing with desktops.
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    Generally everyone including myself plug case/chassis fans into the psu with 4pin molex connectors.
    My mobo has 5 fan headers and the only one i use is the CPU_FAN header for my cooler fan.
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