Overclocking but seeing almost no improvement

So I just set up my (mostly new) system last week (i5 3570k, MSI z77, 8gb corsair ram) and Im running it with a 560Ti that I pulled out of my old system along with the PSU... so I've been playing with OCing for the last 3-4 days (using OC genie II and the one that galaxy provides when you buy their gfx card-extreme tuner) anyway, whenever I OC from 3.2ghz on my CPU to 4.2 ghz and OC my GPU as well I see VERY little performance increase in Crysis2, like, almost none. My FPS stays constant at 25 on ultra with the hi rez texture pack... but it doesnt matter even if I turn the texture pack off I see zero difference and the only thing I notice is less FPS drops when a lot of stuff is happening on the screen, is this normal? I would think that I should see more of a FPS increase than that.
Anyway, onto my question. Is it possible that my PSU simply isnt putting out enough power to handle the OC...? Could my system say that everything is OC'd but not really be bc my PSU cant handle it? I dont have the best PSU (Its a Coolmax 750watt psu that i've had for 6-8 months, and I know coolmax sucks apparently but I didn't find that out until recently).
Anyway, any insight or help would be great! Cheers!
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  1. I'm thinking that the bottleneck in gaming performance is the GPU, not CPU. Overclocking the CPU wont give you anymore performance if the GPU is the bottleneck.

    EDIT: Yes, you are right that Coolmax isnt a great PSU manufacturer.
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