3GB ram @667mhz vs 2GB @800mhz

so i have 3 GB of ram @667mhz speed with 2GB @800mhz
and 1GB @667mhz my total is 3 running @667mhz
so in gaming 2GB @800mhz or 3GB @667mhz which is better for gaming
should i remove the 1GB stick or leave it
my pc specs:
core2duoE4400 2.0GHz
ram=3GB @667MHZ
geforce gts250 green edition
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  1. Are the 2GB in a single stick? or are 2x1GB.
  2. yes the 2 GB are in a single stick and the other 1Gb is in a single stick
  3. Explain me again.

    1- How many stick 667MHz do u have? 3x1GB?
    2- Do u have only one stick 2GB right?
  4. ok here it is i have 2 sticks of ram one which is 2Gb@800mhz and the other which is 1GB@667 mhz so i have one stick of 2GB and 1 stick of 1Gb
    the 2GB stick is connected to slot 1 and the 1GB stick is connected in slot 3 if that helps
  5. Now it's clear.

    Like I say in the other thread dual channel needs same stick amount (ie 1GB with 1GB) u can install the 3GB only in single channel and u won't say performance difference between 3GB@333MHZ and 2GB@400MHz
  6. thx a lot man
    but 2GB of ram running dual channel is better than 3Gb of ram running in single channel but why does my bios say that im running dual channel
    but u said in the other thread that 3GB is better since i have an additional of 1GB right?
  7. 2GB in dual channel are better but here u say that the 2GB are in one stick and not in 1x2GB.
  8. yes true thanks a lot again bro :D
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