Upgrading processor in my Asus G71G - A1 Notebook

I have a pretty kick butt Notebook (dual Core 2.54 - t9400)Asus G71G A1 I want to upgrade the processor to a Q9000. Just wondering if this is possible because they offer Q9000 in my particular model.
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  1. Do not Double post!

    As far as upgrading the CPU, I don't see why not as long as the BIOS supports it. However do realize, that opening the laptop is no easy task and will probably void your warranty.
  2. The warranty is already ended this month. I was just wondering if anyone has this model and knows anything about the upgrade. thanks for you information. By the way, I don't believe I double posted, this iss my first.
  3. ^ You did. There is a bug on the Forum that does this from time to time. You other thread is here:
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