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So I have Rosewill 120mm 2k RPM fans and I recently purshased these Rosewill 120mm Filters for them. They state that the filters don't include screws so would I use m4 screw to install the whole fan and filter with 4 screws? or would I have to buy different kinds of screws?
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    I doubt the M4 screws will reach the filter to secure it in place. Best if you get new screws, I would say this is good enough:

    Anyways I know this because I tried to install my fan filter to my intake fan but the screw would no longer reach so now I have taped it to the fan :lol:
    I am going to buy the screws soon though.

    Edit: Is this the size of your m4 screw?
  2. yeah roughly, HMMM so your saying those screws would fit through the fan and the filter?
  3. Yep worked fine for my computer case for the intake fan and it even works on my additional radiator fan for my Kuhler 620. Point being made is that they are long enough.
  4. Alright, thanks for the info.
  5. To be a bit more exact the fan is the Rosewill RFA-120-BL 120mm 4 Blue LEDs LED Case Fan

    And the filter is the Rosewill RFT-120 120mm Fan Filter
  6. Well from looking at the fan and filter, which I have a similar combo it will most likely work. They are long enough for my intake fan which the screw hole (not a thread) is far away.
  7. alright. thanks
  8. Hey no problem, drop a PM if you need any other help related to this or just don't have time to wait for a thread

    - Socialfox :)
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