Possible HDD failure?

I am posting this issue here since I'm reasonably sure that the issue is with my HDD.

So for the past day now, I have been hearing muffled clicks coming from case. It seems to come from behind my two front fans, which is were my HDD is stored. With these clicks comes a noticeable slow down in performance. Start-up time, shut down time, applications stop responding (Firefox), games take much longer to load/don't load at all. I've had 2 errors when booting up, prompting a self repair program. The clicking doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, the drop in performance occurs.

The source/timing of the clicking and the fact that it is a refurbished HDD are my main two reasons for thinking it's HDD related.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions I am more that open to it. If all else fails, I will probably grab a new HDD.

Thanks for the help, and let me know if any additional info is needed.
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    It sounds like your HDD is failing; get a new HDD and clone the old one to it, unless you want to do a clean install and then try to save your data from the failing HDD.
  2. Okay. Fortunately I don't have a lot on here that isn't easily replaced. Time to start hunting for new drives. Not sure if I want to go SSD for now, then get a data HDD later, or get the HDD now and maybe upgrade in the future.
  3. Go SSD if you can do without the space. SSD OS drive and HDD storage drive is definitely the best combo if you have the space. Even a bargain bin SSD will be notably faster as boot and program load.
  4. Any brands to avoid/look at? Probably won't spend much more than $100.
  5. For ordinary HDD you should have no problem with any brand while for SSD do look for Intel at the moment.
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