Computer Hangs midway... Blank Screen.. some kinda paging error


My computer hangs midway. Also, I think (not completely sure)I hear this mild tick inside the CPU tower.... I suppose its the inbuild Graphic card (the motherboard has this integrated graphix ATI HD 4200)

I looked up the log.. in the ATI software

And this one time... The Blue screen of death came along...

My config:
160 GB IDE Seagate
Gigabyte MA-785GUS2H AM2+
AMD 250 Athlon II 3.0 ghz
Transcend RAM 667 mhz 512 MB
VIP/Powersafe 400W PSU Gold
OS: Windows XP

If it helps, I also have this problem -

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  1. From MS:
    Boot sector virus, Bad block in hard drive or a memory problem:
    Start by running chkdsk /f in run. Next Virus scan
  2. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    ^ I agree with HDD and/or virus, more likely the HDD is getting old or BIOS corruption.

    In addition, BIOS corruption can also cause the problem, and I would recommend clearing the CMOS.

    In any regard, after you you can get into Windows I would strongly recommend backing-up your data, then 1 or 2:
    1. FULL Reformat HDD & Reinstall XP fresh
    Microsoft official XP SP3 ISO -
    2. Replace HDD {if multiple bad sectors are found}

    Good Luck!

    BTW - is the same issue.
  3. Fixed it using seatools :) ...

    Thanks for you help ppl..
  4. ^ Fixed for now, the HDD is really old - if any of the data is important I'd back it up ASAP. The IDE HDD is clearly past it's "safe" days.
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