Overclocking my system suggestions

Hy there folks!!!

I would like to ask if anyone has any experience in OC this kind of system since i've got allmost NONE =)

Basically all i need is to run WOW and Dota 2 on highest rates possible with this spec.


Intel Q6600 2.4ghz
Asus P5W DH DELUXE (Latest BIOS 3002 ver.)
OCZ PC-6400 Titanium 4gb 800mhz
SSD Intel 520 128GB ( Read - 550 MB/s , Write - 500 MB/s )
LC Power 6600 (600 W)
Asus 8800GTS 320mb

Do you think i should upgrade my GPU?

So overall, what rates do you guys think i can reach with this spec?


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  1. What CPU cooler do you have? If you have the stock Intel cooler I would not suggest overclocking at all until you purchase a better cooler.

    This video guide will help.


    But when you increase a clock rate in a small increment, test with a program like prime95 for half an hour before moving to the next clockrate.
  2. HY there again, tnx for reply !

    I knew i forgot to write smthing ...

    I've got Asus Arctic Square cooler installed so this should be no problem at all i think ??

  3. BUMP ...

    Any new suggestions )=???
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