Restarts 5 minutes after loading, over and over

hi, recently my computer suddenly loads windows, shows the desktop, the icons etc, and after exactly 5 minutes (timed it several times) its reboots, when it starts back up and gets to the desktop i get a windows error message that pops up saying "windows has recovered from a serious error" has the options "ok" and "send report". then after the 5 minute mark it restarts and continues to do this. i let the computer run for 3 hours and it kept on restarting over and over.

i've booted up in safe mode and it works fine, i ran anti-virus and anti-spyware and nothing turns up.

ive tried to disable the restart on system failure option in the bios, but it still restarts, no BSOD occurs.

i have not added any new hardware recently, 2 hours before this occured i installed Bioshock 2, it did update my directx, could this be the cause, some how corrupted?

i've also tried inserting and booting from my windows xp cd, spent the hour long repair process and afterwards it kept on rebooting over and over again.

i've also tried determining if it is the ram, but still no luck

i would prefer not to reformat at this time, i have alot of work sensitive files, research notes and pictures that i would like to keep.

this is as far as my computer knowledge goes, any help any one can provide is greatly appreciated.
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  1. How old is your PC? And could you please post your full specifications.
  2. without specific details it's really difficult to determine the cause.
    If you PC is old then probably the cpu fan isn't providing sufficient cooling.
    main causes are dust, thermalpaste or fan itself has aged.

    a new fan with a new heatsink might cost you some 10$

    download RealTemp and get some cpu temperatures, maybe the cpu overheats and restarts.

    come back with more info so me or other can help you.
  3. If it is 5 minutes EXACTLY after windows startup... that's a software issue
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