Help please! I changed my resoultion and lost the HDMI signal to my TV

Hey, I've exhaust every option to troubleshoot this, but to no avail. Please someone help me!!

The situation is that I have an HP Desktep and monitor that I wanted to connect to my 42' Samsung Plasma 4 400 series TV.

I installed a PowerColor HD3450 (ATI Radieon graphics card with HDMI out) in the Tower and upon booting the computer both my TV and Monitor displayed my desktop.

Right away I noticed the picture on the TV was alittle pixely, so I changed the resoution and instantly my TV displayed "No signal" and has ever since. At that time I had no installed any drivers or software. Merely plug and play. So I install the drivers and played around endlessly with Catylist Control Center and tried every resoultion possible.

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  1. So for whatever reason now, it seems the ATI HD3450 card won't output concurrently to an LCD Monitor & TV. Orginally both displays worked simualtanously, but now the tv only works when plugged in alone or before the monitor....WTF
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