How to type an exponent

how can i type an exponet on the computer ?
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  1. You could use a program that can do it, e.g., MS Word.
  2. Superscript?
  3. yes. Superscript it is.
    In MS Word, highlight the text you want to become superscript, the right click then "Font" then check "Superscript".
  4. If you do not have superscripts available:

    Usual way: 10^3 = 1000.

    Old FORTRAN style: 10**3 = 1000.

    Calculator style: 10e3 = 1000.
  5. jsc said:
    Calculator style: 10e3 = 1000.

    Not quite: the E stands for *10^ , so 10e3=10*10^3=10,000.
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