Random Crashing


Video Card

HDD is an old Seagate Barracuda 400 gig 7200

I'm getting random restarts, sometimes instantly, sometimes precipitated by blue screen memory dumps (usually get the blue screens in-game and instant restarts out-of-game)

I know it's a broad issue but I have no idea what to look for.
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  1. Cool build.
    How old is it since it was built? And have this problems been around since the start or just started to happen?
  2. It's got a full 72 hours to it's name.

    And other than the occasional mysterious reboot it's been fairly stable.

    So I guess both, to answer your question.
  3. Burn Memtest86+ to a blank DVD or CD and boot off it, You can download it from here: http://www.memtest.org/

    Let it run for a couple of times, if your RAM is faulty this is going to find it.

    And another question, Does the PC crash when you using CPU intensive tasks (like games) or is it just normal programs that don't even use 20% of the CPU?
  4. Both, as I said above, the memory dumps occur mostly in-game it seems, but I will get random reboots (without blue screen) while doing no work.
  5. Sounds like a faulty RAM module, Download from the link in my last post and follow the instructions to indeed see if it is a RAM problem.
  6. I burned the ISO to a DVD using a program called Active@, set it to boot priority #1, and I booted to windows anyway. o.O I'm not totally convinced I know what I'm doing.
  7. Yeah i had the same problem, There should be a hotkey for your startup that lets you choose a boot device for one time that comes up in a sort of classic menu. It should say on the BIOS picture that usually displays when it posts (beeping noise)

    It might be a key like F12 or something like that.
  8. F8 just before the Windows splash brings up the Safe mode boot menu.

    You're not talking about that though, are you?
  9. No, Its not a safe boot menu. Its a menu of all the bootable devices that are connected/disconnected to your PC. Usually your CD/DVD Drive is just labeled "CD Drive"
  10. Alright, ran Memtest86+, no errors.

    What's next?
  11. Check memory timing and voltages. Sometimes a small bump in memory voltage is needed for stability.
    Also if you have access to a different set of memory give it a try.
    I had very similar problems with a build. Memtest ran for 4 hours reported no problems. Nothing seemed wrong,except reboots and crashes. Changed the memory from Patriot to Corsair and been rock solid stable from then on.
  12. As Rick suggested i would like you to go into BIOS, Check your RAMS voltage. This shouldn't be too hard. Since RAM DDR3 RAM runs at about 1.6V on [AUTO] your RAM needs 1.65V, Not much of a difference in Voltage but it may fix it.
  13. Would that be DRAM bus voltage?
  14. taxicrab said:
    Would that be DRAM bus voltage?

    That's the one. I have the same board. If you have the latest BIOS from ASUS (I didn't check on the that came with mine), you'll have to set it to 1.64 or 1.66, because it goes in increments of .02 and won't accept the odd number, even if you enter it manually.

    I'd try 1.64 first, then go to 1.66 only if necessary. According to the advice I was given by my RAM manufacturer (OCZ, I'm having issues with my RAM at the moment as well), a .01 increase over the max won't hurt the CPU or any other internal components, but it still scares me personally.

    You also might follow the "Test Your System" steps from this thread. to make sure your system is up to snuff and there are no errors. I had errors when testing with Prime95, which was my first indication that something was wrong.
  15. Set voltage to 1.64V, got a blue screen memory dump immediately afterwards trying to play Aion.

    Then went to play Borderlands for a couple of hours and left the system on while I went out to eat. Came back and it was still running just fine.

    So note: The memory dumps and reboots are consistent, but not constant.
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