HardDisk D Drive Saying full memory but it isnt

Hi Guyz i m New to This Forum And i think this is the best place i can use to ask my question... It is About my HardDisk And about D Drive in my computer I hve almost 40.8 GB Free Space in my harddrive but when i try to copy or install large filesl ike 16 GB Or more or like A Game L.A Noire which is 16 GB it Says that the D Drive is full

Here is the pic of ,my C And D Drive which is almost empty but it still says it Is Full

When i try to install L.A Noire it is off 16 GB i tried to install it into my D Drive but It says The Drive is Full it is not Game problem but when i try to copy and paste something on D Drive the same error comes again As You Arleady seen in my frist pic the drive has 40 Gb Space and the game is 16 GB Large then why cant it will be extract to D Drive?

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    It's probably because the drive has been formatted with FAT32 rather than NTFS, FAT32 has a single file size limit of 4Gig.
  2. what exactly are you trying to do? the fat32 bit is plausible I suppose if its a disk image or something. if you were actually trying to install it there shouldn't be 4gig files
  3. unskol it is A Disk image and thnx.1 For ur answer
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  5. if the drive has been formatted with FAT32 rather than NTFS, then how to rectify it.
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