The majority of my programs won't open

Right now I am unable to open most of my programs: IE, Chrome, Firefox, MS office, even solitare.
Some do work however (Photoshop, dreamweaver, steam) but I have to go through 'My Computer' folder, not shortcuts or the start button.
When my computer starts up, nothing loads in my taskbar next to the start button, although I can edit it (but it'll just clear the next time I reboot). I also run Steam each time my computer boots up and that doesn't load either.
I have no idea what's wrong. My antivirus is bitdefender and I did a virus scan but no luck. Right now I can only access the internet through Steam browser.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Sounds like a virus/malware to me. Run a full scan with malwarebytes. First normally, then in safe mode.
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