Watercooling Dual D5 vs Single D5 kit

Single: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=WC-146-XS&groupid=962&catid=1532&subcat=
Dual: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=WC-184-XS&groupid=962&catid=1532&subcat=

There is a 40 sterlings gap but the dual gap the items given are better in which way the cpu block from the dual to single costs nearly 40 sterlings more, the difference between the d5 x1 to the d5 x2 is 119 to 199 nearly 80 sterlings.

Is it worth going for the dual d5,seems nice though but I got to buy a gtx 285 waterblock and the primary card block prolly 680 also will the 360 rad hold 2 vgas and an overclock cpu to 5ghz? or should I add another 240mm?

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  1. 2 d5's is overkill for what your doing, but each person has there own likes and dislikes with 2vs 1 pump. with the 2x you get the xspc raystorm chrome if test anything like the copper you will get +0.06 degree temp better with a metal liquid tim and get -0.1 degree with non metal tim.

    Personal option is don't bother to water cool the 285 seems like a waist, however that depends on why your using it. the TDP 183W for the gtx 285 so its about the same as your gtx 680 which TPD is 195W.
    i say that pushed you to 600+ so yeah looks like you need a second rad.

    I should also note that I don't understand that whole heat/ rad/ fan/ deal and I have read it here and had my friend explain it to me a few times I just get lost and glossy eyed.

    In games you wont be using all that power but if your always having everything stressed out then your going to need more.
  2. I see the difference between the Xspc kit from the raystorm to the Ax dual liang is just 40sterlings.I was going to buy the http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=WC-030-OE&groupid=962&catid=2141&subcat= between £200 to £ 82 theres a huge difference. The gtx 285 I intend of using it as a physX card, the heatsink is of gainward. I was going to sell it but all I was going to get was a 60euros LOL such a waste , I changed the thermal paste to artic silver 5. Is it better if I buy loose parts?Also for physX I dont need to buy block for it?

  3. Hi again.
    I not sure on the load for games with physX I have only ever made my own computer to test it but that was in dawn of war 2 and a 8800gt, and never been asked to build one that way. last test I saw was a 680 with a gtx 580 as its card-then retested with a geforce 650 and the 650 is beating the gtx 580 in 2 of every 3 games. I think one game got +10 fps but the average was 4 or 5

    Something to consider is if you sold it for 60 euros you wont need to spend 60 euros to buy a water block for it.

    As for kits I not sure, in my experience pump> tops>system preform better them pump> bay rez>system.
    it really comes down to price vs preform is 1/4,1/2,1 of a degree worth the extra money. Some people will say yes some people will say no.

    I am not telling you to sale that card just check the load on a physx game there only currently the only game I am playing that allows Nvidia physx is planetside 2
    the other games that are newer out the support this is borderlands 2 and batmanAC.
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