XP reinstall -- no more internet

I just reinstalled XP on my HP a1600n and it no longer has an internet connection. What should I do?
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    Did you install the drivers, like those for the ethernet and wifi?
  2. Ok I fixed the network driver and it works --- One thing I just realized is it isn't able to connect to Windows Updates (I get an error) which may be a big part of the problem.... and also that the HP is a 64 bit and the older Win XP version (may not be the one that came on the PC) doesn't say 64 bit in the system description. Any thoughts about that?
  3. None of that matters... The 32 vs 64-bit part anyway.
  4. I'm trying a different way to get to updates -- hopefully it works....the 32 bit will make my system run slower though, right?
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