Would SSD improve Internet speed vs 7200 HDD

My current HDD is Seagate Momentum 320 GB 7200.4. My Win 7 Expirience HDD performance is 5.9, my graphic Expirience is 4.4. I want to know if my Internet browse speed will improve if I replace my HDD with Samsung 830 or Crucial m4 SSD, beacause my Internet provider speed is DSL only 10 Mb p/s download, a 1 Mb upload? Is the browse Internet speed depend more on the Internet provider, or it also depends on the HDD or SSD drive speed? I use both IE 9 and Mozilla Firefox.
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  1. The internet download speed is your limiting factor. You could probably write to a floppy disc and keep up.
  2. I use the Internet mostly for trading with streaming software from TDAmeritrade and Tinkorswim, but reliability of data is also important, because I am without problems 2 years with my Asus Laptop and Seagate HHD. I have read some reviews that after 2, 3 weeks or months with SSD they crashed.
  3. The connection is the biggest factor in internet speeds. I'm running a 5400RPM drive in my laptop, and it's faster than my buddy's SSD based system for one reason: I'm on a 40MB cable modem, and he's only on a 10MB DSL connection.
  4. An SSD will Speed up:
    .. Loading the operating system. You can Power on and from the Time Of "loading operating system to opening a program is about 15 -> 20 sec. Benifit - depends on how often you boot/reboot system and How "Ticked-off" waiting for the computer to complete power on cycle.
    .. Program loads are almost instantsanous. I click on a link to a speadsheet and both the Program (excell) is loaded and the spreadsheet is there befor I can drag a Mouse to edit a fiel.

    What a SSD will not do:
    .. Speed up/improve watching a dvd or Blu-ray
    .. Speed up downloads, or surfing the web, or downloading email.
    .. Will not speed up loading files that are not on the SSD. ie Loading a LARGE spreed sheet - Very fast if ON SSD, but if file is on HDD then slowwww.

    In a Nutshell, a SSD will speed up reading what is already on the SSD and writing data that is already in memory to the SSD.

    Personnally Love my SSDs have 7 installed in 4 systems. Have not had one problem ( Includes older SSDs from SATA II versions. I do stay away from OCZ and Sandforce 22xx SSDs. Perfer Intel, M4, and samsung 830 for reliability.

    The Intel sata II SSD and the Samsung 430 (also) a Sata II are probably the highest rated SSDs in terms of reliability, AND there is not a big performance diff between them and a SATA III SSD (benchmarks - Yes, Real life as stated, not a big diff).

    Bottom line - go for it.
  5. The thing is that the limiting factor is your internet connection and the hardware in your computer is not the issue your connection is.You can put the fastest parts there are and it's not going to make a difference unless you can have more download and upload speed. Picture your internet connection as a hose feeding a pump , what's going to make the pump work better a 1/2" hose or a 1" hose?
    There is an option to help you make your connection a little faster and that is with Teaming two Nic cards. Mostly it is used for servers but it can be used in a desktop and there are motherboards that come with it setup and ready to go. I have used it in my desftop and it does speed up the internet connection somewhat. The draw back is that you need an Intel server nic.


  6. I'm not so sure it's all about DL speed. Yes of course if you are talking about 2 very different DL speeds. But with the SAME decent speed...for example...I see a LOT of disk activity for Firefox I/O reads/writes etc. I think the only way to know for sure for someone to actually do some comparative testing on exactly the same system, same connection, with SSD vs HD with heavy Firefox browser with say 50 (same) tabs open and loaded. : ) In fact I came upon this thread while looking for such a test being done.
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