Will this fit in my case?

Will the Thermaltake Water2.0 performer fit in my Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow White edition case?
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  1. Probably not. You can probably fit the radiator on the top of your case, but you probably don't have enough room for the rad and two extra fans for push pull. But if you do without push pull and only push OR pull, you can fit it in the top of your case.
  2. It doesn't have to run in push/pull.
  3. rubix_1011 said:
    It doesn't have to run in push/pull.

    Yeah, that's what I kind of meant. If you just use it with push OR pull, it should work fine, but I think that it already comes with enough fans for push and pull, which I don't think will fit.
  4. It only comes with 2 fans, unless they have started packaging 4 recently.
  5. maybe if Tt go out of business like DD, then maybe 4 fan bundled in one water 2.0 unit. FYI OP, I'd stay away from Tt CLC's.
  6. I went with the H60 because it was way cheaper ($40 shipped) and I currently have the side panel off and the radiator is sitting on top of a box so it doesn't pull the CPU lol... Maybe this weekend I will try to fit it up top. I will let you guys know.
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