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Good tv tuner for basic streaming

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February 5, 2010 1:50:12 AM

I want to add a tv tuner to my dell dimension 4550. I just looking to stream tv shows and movies through my tv. It is a regular tv (sony CRT) so it is only standard definition. I wouldn't mind having the dvr functionality.

I have direct tv and would prefer to not connect it to that. I would rather OTA.

Any recommendations that would work with my computer and needs? My budget is $40 or less.

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February 9, 2010 4:44:00 PM

February 9, 2010 6:38:41 PM

Not totally sure what some of what you said means to me, but hope this helps a little...

I am about to make a choice of a good Digital TV tuner here in the UK again as last one was DOA + was so cheap (50% off random chance to see what it was like) was almost not worth RMAing so resorted to anime instead LOL

One thing I did learn from a Lot of research back then was choose damn carefully, almost Every single one had some kind of defects in operation!!! until you hit the $140 mark.

Problems were things like:

Very poor reception even plugged into a main house aerial (very common)
Slow menu systems
minor static / unclear image even with great reception
TV guides did not work right
were older tech rather low resolution picture

Is worth trying to get a dual channel one so you can record and watch at the same time maybe, if they come dual channel for your budget...

I think that there are many more and cheaper choices now than when I looked 1.5 years ago, so hopefully you will find a good one within your budget.

If no one here comes up with a recommendation, best thing to do is look for a few web reviews of each one you are thinking of buying and see what the general consensus is on it...

Good luck :)