...I fried my motherboard. What happened?

I just bought brand new components for my gaming build. Specs:

Corsair H50
Corsair 750TX
12gb Corsair DDR3
XFX Radeon 5850

I connected all the components exactly where they belong. I pushed the power button, and smoke starts coming out of my case. Next thing I know I've got myself a fried motherboard.

I am 200% sure I assembled all the components properly.
Motherboard is mounted correctly with the standoffs.
Nothing was removed/added to the motherboard to cause shorting.
PSU is good, tested with a different computer beforehand.
Heatsink (H50) is mounted properly according to manual.
All power connections are in the proper location; I even used a multimeter to triple check voltages.
Before turning it on I checked at least 10 times everything was absolutely perfect (nothing that might short the motherboard).
The entire time I was grounded with an anti-static wrist strap.

What could I possibly have done wrong?
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  1. quick tip, before you build a pc, test the setup outside the case on a non conductive surface with the bare essentials (cpu,board,ram,gpu) i do it with every bulid, if ur sure u did evrything right then there aint much you can learn from us, although to tell ya the truth, if u need to read a manual then i would not let you build my pc, real tekkies watch video tutorials, u should do the same, what can i say, u live and you learn, ps if this is the first pc you built, ur first build should ever cost this much
  2. I have built PCs for the past 5 years and needless to say I have watched countless video demonstrations.

    It's the first time I've come across this kind of problem and I have no clue what might have caused it.
  3. something short circuited, thats all it could be, once there is no sign of spillage, it doubted it can be the h50, those things are very well constructed, have you located the source of the smoke? is the psu still working?
  4. where did the smoke come from? - and since the MOBO was ATX format you didn't have the standoffs in the mATX positions correct ? (as they will touch the bottom of the MOBO if installed and can cause shorting out)
  5. Can you see any damage?
  6. Visible damage doesn't matter. The magic smoke escaped.

    The problem is that you don't know what happened. It could have been something you did. And then again, maybe it wasn't.

    One of the things I do when I build is lay a sheet of paper under the motherboard and mark the mounting hole locations. Then I install the standoffs and push the standoffs through the paper. The standoffs and marked holes should line up.

    And always breadboard. One reason is because of what just happened to you. If the system fails the smoke test on the breadboard, you know you didn't do anything wrong.
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