I need to rectivate xp, AGAIN.

recently my computer lost a gb of ram which i removed and when i started my computer it said there was a change in the hardware (im assuming the -1 gb ram) and that i would need to reactivate windows. this would be the third(?) time i've done this on the computer. i chose to active over the phone (i find actvating over the internet more of a hassle) but when i called there was no number in the activaion wizard window to tell the microsoft robot. i restart it. still no number. i went to have the three day trial and still didn't figure it out i called up microsoft helpdesk but they told me i shouldn't of been able to get my computer to run in the first place. (i salvged a old harddrive with the operating system on it and gave it a new motherboard graphics card processor and ram) they said what i would have to do is buy another copy of never acknowlegded the hardware change when i first built the computer. please help is there anything any one would know how to help short of pirating it? thanks in advance.
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  1. There's nothing you can do that is short of pirating if you've ruled out buying a new copy, and since software piracy discussions are not allowed on these forums, odds are this thread will be locked shortly.

    If Windows is too expensive, you can try Linux.
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