First water system, new pc build diy

Hello all, I would like to ask the water cooling pro's for some help with this current build I am working on, this will be used for Gaming and general applications with a Overclock on CPU, GPU.

Parts List:
CPU I5-3570K
Asrock OC Formula
16gb Corsair Ram
256gb SSD Boot
Lanboy Case
Recon 3D SBlaster
Corsair PSU

Parts that need Cooling
CPU 77\95 OC tdp
GPU 150\180 OC tdp
Asrock NB cooler built into mb ??tdp
water pump?? tdp

so I was looking at this and thinking a 240 or 360 fan/rad setup with 1 loop should suffice?
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  1. RAD > Tank > Pump > CPU > GPU > North Bus
    is the cooling loop I plan to use, with a large rad in a push pull configuration.
    distilled water with additive, all copper blocks with compression fittings.
  2. OC CPU and GPU + NB, might as well go with a 360.
  3. after a lot of reading I came up with the following setup, please let me know what you think about it and what if anything should be changed to optimise the loop. thanks in advance

    CPU Block
    GPU Block
    Fans x5

    need clairification here on which will be better, both of the following links show a pump with res but the prices or way off

    Pump with Res #1
    Pump with Res #2

    decided on uv hose to dress the look up some with distilled water and anti bio
    thanks again for your input
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    Six fans on the 360 would optimise things more than five,
    I have two of the Xspc res/pumps in my loop and can't fault them,
    in fact I'm adding a third soon, but the DDc is a superior pump overall
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