Ud3r vid card spacing

with a ud3r motherboard can i put a dual slot card in then skip and full 2 slots and put a 2nd dual slot card in and just use a 3 way sli bridge to connect them

or is this one of the boards that you have to have them butted up next to each other.
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  1. 2-WAY CF/SLI - use PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_2

    3-WAY CF/SLI - use PCIEX16_1, PCIEX16_2 and PCIEX8_2

    The question is Should vs Could - you really wan the bandwidth of the PCIEX16 vs PCIEX8 slots, otherwise it really defeats the whole idea of X16 + X16. The GPU in reality will not go past the X8 bandwidth; even an GTX 480. However, why create an unnecessary bottleneck.

    All, I can think of anyway, X58 MOBO PCIE spacing is identical, and most spec SLI/CF GPUs are designed front to back airflow; the non-spec still cool the GPU adequately, but heat the case - so have good {slight negative} airflow and you'll be fine.

    Hope that answers your question completely.
  2. i believe he is correct but not 100% the only boards that i do believe you can put a full card space between them and use a 3 way bridge is boards like the rampage 3 extreme, ud9, and i think the 3/4 way evga boards.

    it sucks that you cant but ha thats life lol.

    quick edit: o ya i think the msi big bang also but like i said the only one im 100 % sure about is the asus rampage iii extreme.
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