Crossfire with 2 Radeon 4890's benchmarking really low

I just ran 3D Mark 06 on my PC, and it seems like it is benchmarking really low. Here are the main specs of my machine. I did not overclock anything.

Windows 7 64-bit

Core i7 920
6GB DDR3 1600
2 Radeon 4890's in Crossfire

I am only getting a score of 17,697 marks. This is lower than a lot of scores with one card.

CCC detects both adapters (one as primary, and the other as linked). GPU-Z says "ATI Crossfire Enabled (2 GPUs).

Any ideas what the issue could be?
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  1. How is your FPS in games ?
  2. matt36 said:
    Any ideas what the issue could be?

    If you didn't overclock your CPU the score is right on the money.
    If you did overclock the CPU, I don't know, that score is not possible with a single ATI 4890.
  3. You may find that 3DMark does not utilize CF and thats why you get better scores with a single card.
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