2 Ethernet, 2 LAN, 2 Internet

Most threads I have seen try to deal with 'combining' or 'load balancing' two internet connections. I have a different question.

I have two ethernet connections: My personal internet connection, and my University internet connection. My university internet connection sucks - every second page times out at peek times, which is always, except for 2 in the morning. The only reason I want to use it is for the LAN program DC++.

I want to tell windows (7) to use my personal LAN with internet for internet use, and to, at the same time, connect to my university LAN, but not to use the internet.

When I plug both LANs in, the computer says it is connected to the internet, but firefox, and other programs, will not connect.

Thanks for any and all help,

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Maybe THIS can help you.
  2. Or you can buy a load-balancer :D Big bucks though.
  3. I just answered my own question!

    Since I only need the university LAN for one program, I'm just going to run it in a virtual machine. That way, I can enable the NIC with my personal internet in windows 7, and my uni NIC in the virtual machine.

    Thank you both for your suggestions though!

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