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I have a Motorola 3347-02-10ENT DSL router. I was thinking about disabling the wireless capability on the Motorola and upgrading to an Apple Airport Extreme and a couple of Express'. My reasoning is that the Airport Extreme Base Station also serves as a print server.

Questions -
1- Should I even bother with disabling the Motorola as the wireless base and avoid the cost of the Airport Extreme? Has anyone made a comparison and found the Apple devices better?

2 - Is the Airport Extreme's capability as a gigabit switch less, equal to, or greater than a dedicated simple switch like a Netgear GS105 or D-Link DGS-2205? Is the cost of this type of switch (~$50) worth it, or should I just let the Airport Extreme do its thing and eliminate the switch component?

3 - Instead of the Apple Airports, would it be worth waiting for the Netgear Powerline AV 500 Adapter that promises up to 500Mbps?

Here is the diagram of my existing home network -

Here is the diagram of my proposed home network after a couple of anticipated upgrades-

Thank you all.

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  1. That quite the setup you have there. I currently own an Airport Extreme router and am very happy with it. It supports great features such as dual-band and also comes with a USB port in the back so that you can hook up an external hard drive to create a NAS, or a printer to have it on the network. It does only have 1 USB port but allows you to hook up a USB hub so that you can connect even more to it! The range on the device is great and so is the speed. Apple makes some great stuff if you don't mind paying the "Apple tax." Needless to say I really think that no matter which way you go there is no right or wrong answer, just personal preference and what brands are your fancy. If you need more help you can come check out my site as I review a lot of products myself (primarily Apple)
  2. Thanks for the info ... I will be checking your site out!

    As far as my setup goes - I spoke with an audio-visual installer and he was talking to me about ways of running cables throughout the house to avoid other technologies (wireless, power ethernet). I would love to have everything wired cleanly but i may have one or two wireless connections here and there. After my conversation I studied my diagram and I think I may have a way of accomplishing full home connectivity with a couple of long runs to some existing CAT5s that I had preinstalled when the home was under construction. But the Apple products may be a necessary evil in some ways. I hope to spend some time this weekend looking at my home and possible access points.

    As far as some of the other things I am looking at - I am looking at the pros and cons for HTPCs, digital media receivers like Popcorn Hour, WD TV Live or something else that may be on the near horizon, also other server/NAS solutions like Synology, Drobo, Home Media Servers running Windows Home Server, etc. Quite a number of solutions out there and all with their advantages and drawbacks. This is the reason why I posted this post.

    Knowledge is power - unfortunately I know very little in this front.
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