Intel Core i7 turbo boost and speedstep not working

I have a core i7 930 processor and a Intel X58 motherboard.

Today, I decided to turn on SpeedStep (it is called CPU idle state on my BIOS and I set it to Low Power Mode so that the OS can lower the processor multiplier when not doing heavy work and save power). But when I started Windows 7 and opened Core Temp, the multiplier is set to 21 instead of 12.

And Turbo Boost which makes my multiplier go upto 22 is not working. I enabled turbo boost and turned off Speedstep and opened Core Temp to check my multiplier, but instead of a having a multiplier of 22, I just have the default 21.

This didn't happen a couple of days ago and they are both working fine but now they are having problems.

Could CPU Stressing or benchmarking caused this to happen?

Because I ran benchmarks and Prime95 a few times and my temp reaches 80 degree celsius during Prime95.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Reset BIOS to default settings. All of the above should be on default on your board. But eh before you do that. Check to see if your board needs a BIOS update to run the 930 as well. Since it is a new cpu I would bet that your current BIOS does not have official support for it.
  2. I think this happened because I installed Intel Desktop Control Center and messed up with some settings but I just updated my bios with the latest one and everything is working fine.
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