Windows detected a hard drive problem

Afternoon, i am repairing a laptop for a friend which has windows 7 and the past week the laptop has come up during start up saying windows has detected a problem with your hard drive, back up files, which i have done.

I have read on many websites this error message means the hard drive is on its way out, i do manage to log into windows and i see through my computer that the hard drive has a recovery partition. Is it possible to copy the partition or all of the contents onto another hard drive because now i have to get a new drive how am i going to put windows 7 back on if i cant reinstall from that partition because it is on the hard which has the problem.

Please can someone help
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  1. There are some cases that are the same or associated with this error message. One of these causes is the virus infections. The virus prompted you for several errors associated with this error and after a while or clicking the Ok button it will ask you to download or install software to fix the problem. You may visit this site for more info. >>
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