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Computer temperature question

Hi community;

After a few helpful replies here on the forums, I have successfully upgraded my PSU and video card in my computer. :sol:

I am running an HP desktop, with Core 2 Quad 2.6Ghz processor, 8GB ram, 9800GTX+ video. I installed a 550W PSU. I do not overclock.

My question is, when playing (World of Warcraft) the exhaust from the PSU is pretty warm, but not hot to touch. The game plays fine for 5+ hours at a time (I play with a group of people) with no decrease in performance.

Anyways, with that said, should I watch for the exhaust / tower to get hot? Or am I worrying about nothing? The case has a fan over the CPU, and a fan in the back. The 9800GTX+ card exhausts out the back of the tower, and the PSU exhausts out the back of the tower also.

I think I'm worrying about nothing, but I'm just looking to protect my investment, I have used a laptop for years and do not know how warm the PC should get.

Thank you
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    Thats normal, when you open your game it causes your cpu and graphics card to consume alot more energy which they get from the psu, which in tern gets hot from working closer to its 550w limit. Aslong as your graphics card dose not go above 90C and your cpu 70C then you will be fine.
  2. Better yet, go to this website and download HWMonitor to monitor your temps!

    As for your question, paperfox answered it right, everything seems normal.
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  4. Thank you both
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