Dvd and sd card reader not working

I am able to use the built-in CD and can load programs through the disc built into my Compaq computer. But I cannot play DVDs on the same disc player, and cannot load SD cards. If i insert an SD card and then check the Removable Disc I (where the SD is located) it shows the hour glass and locks up. Only removing the SD card will unlock it.

Any ideas. This worked for many years before now.
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  1. You have two issues:

    For the DVD player, do you have a DVD drive and DVD player software? Did it ever play DVDs?

    For the SD card reader, does the card work on another PC? Is the card larger than 2GB? If is it over 2GB, then your card reader might not support cards over 2GB.
  2. Try if the card reader is working or not. I doubt the card reader is corrupted. If working properly, try updating the driver for it.
    Are you sure the ROM is CD/DVD ROM ? I couldn't be able to play any DVD if it is a simple CD ROM.
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